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PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, Shulman had joined Clarkson's Department of
Chemical Engineering as an assistant professor in 1948. He was named associate professor in
1951, and full professor and associate director of the Division of Research in 1954.
Additionally, he had held the positions of chairman of the ChE department, director of the
Division of Research, dean of the Graduate School, executive vice president, vice president and
dean of the School of Engineering, and during 1979-80 became acting president of the College.
Friendly Wager.
Clarkson's President Allan Clark wagered 100 bagels purchased from The
Bagelry in Potsdam against St. Lawrence President Lawrence Gulick's bet of 100 chocolate
chip cookies baked by St. Lawrence University on the outcome of the January 17, 1985, hockey
game between Clarkson and St. Lawrence in Appleton Arena. Clark presented the bagels to
Gulick at the end of Clarkson's 6-5 overtime loss to the Larries.
Peterson's Guide.
Clarkson was included in the new (4th) edition of
Peterson's Competitive
which presented data profiles of the 316 colleges and universities that consistently
have more applicants with above-average credentials than they can accept. Together with the 32
art and music schools that have highly selective acceptance rates, this group of colleges
represented approximately 10% of all American institutions of higher education.
The parameters used to identify colleges for inclusion were the ratio of the number of
applicants to the students accepted; the percentage of freshmen who scored over 600 each on
their Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) math and verbal exams, or over 26 on the American
College Testing (ACT) exam; the percentage of freshmen who scored over the national average
on the respective tests; and the percentage coming from the top tenth of their high school
graduating classes.
WCKN Flooded.
Early on January 13, a hot water pipe burst, spewing 120 degree water into
the studio of WCKN for over two hours before the break was located and shut off. By the time
the night watchman found the leak at 4:30 a.m., the plumber was called at 5 a.m., and the leak
plugged at 6 a.m., two inches of water covered the floor. Expensive cameras, monitors, tape
machines, and other video equipment was ruined as well as carpets, walls, and the ceiling.
Steam and water had built up above the ceiling tiles until they finally collapsed.
Ironically, the water was contained within the studio by a concrete curb originally installed to
exclude water from an unrelated plumbing problem nearby. Even though over $100,000 in
damage to equipment had resulted, WCKN was able to continue live hockey coverage by using
damaged equipment and portable cameras which had been stored in water-resistant cases.
Yuppie vs Yippie.
In January, Jerry Rubin, now a "Yuppie," and Abbie Hoffman, a "Yippie,"
debated each other in a packed Snell Auditorium. Both recognized leaders of the Hippie
movement of the 1960s, and co-defendants in the infamous Chicago-7 trial, these two men
came together on campus to espouse their social and political philosophies.
Rubin, a successful venture banker on Wall Street, advocated individual self-
improvement as a means of stimulating economic growth. Hoffman, on the other hand, argued
the position that social activism, with organization at the local level, was the key to social
equality and social advancement. One of Hoffman's statements leading to his definition of
politics brought a large guffaw from the audience:
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