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The Supreme Court ruled the death penalty was constitutional. Oliver North testified before the
Senate Iran-Contra hearings. New York Giants won Super Bowl XXI. The Roman Catholic
Church banned contraception by artificial methods. Van Gogh's painting
sold for
$39.9 million; later his
sold for $53.9 million. TV evangelist Jim Bakker resigned after
admitting sexual dalliance. The United States celebrated the 200th anniversary of the
Constitution. Eighteen-month-old Jessica McClure was rescued from a well after 58 hours. The
US regained the America's Cup off Western Australia. The Dow Jones average closed over
2,000 in January, set another record high of 2,722 in August, and plunged 508 points to
1,738.74 on October 20. The Minnesota Twins won the World Series. Skydiver Greg Robertson
went into 200 mph free-fall to save an unconscious colleague 3,500 feet from the ground. The
Duchess of Windsor's jewels were auctioned for $33.5 million.
A Chorus Line
had its 5,001st
performance on Broadway.
won the Oscar.
• Clark Resigned
• Lt. Col. Boyd Killed
• Commencement
• Male/Female Ratio
• "Tug-of-War"
• Swimmers Won
Who's Who
• Nordic Skiers
• Advanced Tech. Center
• The Clarkson Male
• AISES Recognition
• Electronic Ride Board
• Hockey
• Women's Basketball
• Student Contributions
• Safety Director
• Ice Carnival Events
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• Literary Magazine
• Ranger Challenge
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• Theta Xi Loses
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Clark Resigned.
On June 4, President Allan Clark submitted his resignation as Clarkson's
thirteenth president to the Board of Trustees. In his statement, he said:
... my presidency at Clarkson has not gone as I had wished. A series of unfortunate events has made these
last two years most difficult ... [because] I have lost the trust of major segments of the faculty. Central among
these reasons for this is the need to trim budgets due to declining enrollments, a problem for all institutions of
higher education.
Consequently, I am asking the Board of Trustees to accept my resignation as President, effective 1 July
In my short stay here I have become extraordinarily fond of the institution, its people, and the surrounding
area. Clarkson has much to offer a new chief executive and should be attractive to any man or woman of high
In accepting this resignation, the Trustees observed that, under Clark's leadership, the
University had become stronger, noting in particular the Center for Advanced Materials
Processing, which had received national attention and budget state funding of $23.5 million.
Clarkson also had a stronger faculty dedicated to teaching and research and a brighter student
body at a time when enrollments were declining nationally.
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