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Male/Female Ratio.
Men in the Class of 1991 entering in the fall outnumbered women by a
4.15 to 1 ratio, the sophomores by 4.63 to 1, the juniors by 3.39 to 1, and the seniors by 3.35 to
1. Of the 3,267 full-time undergraduate students enrolled in fall 1987, the male/female ratio
stood at 3.78 to 1, with 2,583 men and 684 women.
Swimmers Won.
Despite a small team of only seven swimmers, the women's swim team won
its first ever meet by defeating Plattsburgh State 85-82. This meet was so close all along that it
wasn't decided until the final event, the freestyle relay. Barb Funston '89 and Michelle Hastings
'90 were triple-event winners, along with being winning members of the 200-meter freestyle
relay with teammates Debbie Sorge and Joni Mastroianni. Diver Jen Forsythe took second in
both diving events.
Three days earlier, the men's team defeated McGill University 114-90. Triple winner
Jerry Miller '87 placed first in the 50-meter freestyle, the 100-meter freestyle, and was a
member of the winning 400-meter freestyle team which included Steve Behrens, Ed Hampston,
and Chris Slocum.
Nordic Skiers.
Clarkson men's ski teams continued their winning ways by opening the 1987
season with impressive first-place finishes in both the Alpine and the Nordic competitions at
the Syracuse Invitational meet in January. Coached by Marilyn Johnson, the powerful squad
captured top honors in the slalom, giant slalom, 15-K race, and the relay.
At Toggenburg Mountain, the Alpine crew defeated 19 other teams to win the slalom
event. Scott Richardson won a third-place medal for his excellent time of 107.33 seconds for
two runs. Terence Fogarty and the Alpine team's captain, Bill Stevens, combined with
Richardson for the first place in this event. In the giant slalom, Fogarty led the Knights with a
time of 82.39 seconds for two runs.
At Drumlims, the Nordic team dominated the field of 10 teams to win both the 15-K and
the relay races. Jeff Eberhardt finished first overall, while Russ Denderdale doggedly finished
fourth. Two weeks later at the Ithaca Invitational, the Alpine squad finished second overall in a
field of 20 teams, and the Nordic team bested nine other colleges to capture top honors in both
the 15-K and relay races.
At the West Point Invitational early in February, the Nordic team finished first for the
third meet in a row, and the Alpine team finished second overall. The teams earned their second
straight invitation to the National Competition at Crested Butte, Colorado, by finishing third in
the NCSA Regional Championships. Over 380 athletes from 15 colleges across the country
competed on March 2-5; seeded eleventh, Clarkson's Nordic team placed eleventh, and the
seventh seed Alpine team placed seventh.
The Clarkson Male.
survey of Clarkson women revealed their attitudes toward
the Clarkson male. Short hair won by a landslide over long, and it had to be clean. They voted
thumbs down on earrings on men, and felt a man without eye glasses was more attractive than
one wearing them. Facial hair also was out: no beards, mustaches, or stubble.
Wool and leather jackets were preferred over jeans jackets; fraternity jackets were all
right if they weren't shabby and abused. Neat, clean, and color-coordinated shirts and pants
were preferred, especially rugby shirts topped by classy casual sweaters. Baggy and parachute
pants were preferred to tight ones. T-shirts, particularly obscene ones, were not acceptable to
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