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women. Men should always wear socks with docksider or jazz shoes; cowboy boots and sandals
were definitely out.
One woman summed up the survey with the interesting comment, "A sense of humor is
almost always more important than appearance."
Electronic Ride Board.
Dreamed up in the fall 1986 for a Management Information Systems
project, an Electronic Ride Board was created by Mark Collard for an Entrepreneurship Special
project. Students offering rides entered their destinations, and dates of departure and arrival into
the database, along with their names and phone numbers. Students looking for rides checked
the list to find someone driving to their destinations on a certain date.
Women's Basketball.
Finishing the year with an 18-9 record, and 12-8 in league play, the
Lady Knights achieved their pre-season goals with what Coach Brian Chafin called "total team
effort." Melissa Smith, freshman, led the season scoring and rebounding with 224 points,
averaging 12.7 points per game with a shot percentage of 48 percent. A second freshman, Karen
Cook, was close behind with 221 points, shooting 60 percent from the floor and 80 percent
from the line. Seven other Lady Knights finished the season with over 100 points. Their post-
season 73-55 loss to favored Albany State ended this otherwise successful season.
Safety Director.
Upon the recommendations of an
ad hoc
committee studying campus safety in
wake of the Hawelka murder in 1986, the University appointed a Safety Director to supervise
all activities relating to safety and security. Lauri Trani-Gettlefinger was appointed to that
Women's Volleyball.
For the second year in a row, Clarkson's women's volleyball team
claimed first place in the North Country Invitational Volleyball tournament. Defeating St. Rose
and Elmira to advance to the semifinals, the Lady Knights fought a tough battle against
Potsdam State, losing the first game, but rallying to take the next two, and go on in the finals to
defeat St. John Fisher 15-7 and 15-2.
Middle hitter Darby Ballschmeider led the Clarkson team with 44 spike kills during the
weekend. Cindy Roosa, Tracy Kahler, Lori Burgess, and Gina Stagnitti added well to the
spiking efforts of the team. Alison Majewski ran Clarkson's offense from the setter position and
tallied an impressive 80 assists. She was chosen as one of the top players of the tournament and
made its All-Star team.
Ranger Challenge.
Scoring third out of the 19 schools in the Ranger Challenge Eastern
Division, Clarkson's ROTC Rangers demonstrated that they were well trained to meet the
challenges put forth by the Ranger Command. General Wagner, head of this new US Army
command which oversees all Reserve Officer Training Corps Battalions, initiated this
Challenge so that the Ranger Companies from various schools could practice their military
skills by competing against each other.
Held at Fort Dix, N.J., this two-day event began with a Physical Training test. Rangers
had to do two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups, and take part in a timed two-mile
run. This was followed by a competition in military skills. Cadets threw dummy hand grenades
at dummy targets two meters in diameter. Then in a set time they had to assemble an M-16 rifle
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