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and an M-60 machine gun from parts of both weapons which had been mixed together.
Clarkson's Peter Palmieri scored the fastest time of all the competitors.
Next came marksmanship events in which cadets fired M-16 rifles for score. Clarkson's
Rangers took top honors for the second year in a row, easily beating the other schools. The last
event of the first day had the Rangers competing against each other to build a rope bridge
spanning a 60-foot gap.
The second day began with a scored orienteering course through the woods and swamps
around Fort Dix. In this event, Rangers followed map and compass headings to reach a set of
objectives. The last event was a 10-kilometer speed march in which the Cadets not only ran the
course but carried full packs weighing close to 25 pounds each. Clarkson finished the
competition only one point behind Fordham University. Clarkson's team was composed of
cadets in their freshmen through senior years.
Theta Xi Loses.
Clarkson officially withdrew its recognition of the Beta Kappa chapter of
Theta Xi national social fraternity as a result of a pledging policy violation. That action meant
the loss of their vote in the IFC, and the loss of housing and dining exemptions, which meant
that sophomores and juniors were required to return to University housing in the spring 1988
semester. The fraternity was not eligible for recolonization by the national fraternity until the
following fall semester. That recognition never was awarded the Clarkson chapter, and the
fraternity disappeared from campus.
Try as they might, the women's lacrosse team managed to win only one game of their
nine-game season, the final game; against Syracuse they prevailed 3-2. Charlotte Dillenbach
captained the team through valiant efforts against Russell Sage 14-12, RPI 10-8, St. Michael's
22-6, Wells 10-7, Hartwick 20-5, SLU 8-2, Hamilton 18-5, and Cortland 20-0; they scored 47
points to their opponent's 125 points.
The men's team, on the other hand, scored 128 goals on their way to a 10-4 record; their
opponents scored 112 goals against them. Winning their first four games against Rochester 15-
9, Swarthmore 13-6, Gettysburg 16-6, and Stockton 16-4, the Golden Knights slumped for three
games. They lost to Vermont 11-9, RIT 5-4, and Alfred 10-4, before they defeated Potsdam 11-
4. Two losses to Ithaca 14-9 and SLU 14-6 roused the team to finish the season with five wins
in a row. They defeated Colgate 13-11, RPI 13-3, Le Moyne 8-5, Oswego 15-3, and Hamilton
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