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The Berlin Wall came down in November. Congress rejected a 51% pay raise for its members.
Time, Inc., and Warner Communications merged into the world's largest communications
company. The tanker,
Exxon Valdez
, ran aground in Alaska, spilling 240,000 barrels of crude
oil into the Pacific Ocean. Serial killer Ted Bundy was executed in Florida. San Francisco
Forty-niners won Super Bowl XXIII. Japanese emperor Hirohito died after 62 years on the
. Rain Man
and Dustin Hoffman won Oscars. Oliver North found guilty of three counts of
criminal conspiracy in the Iran-Contra hearings. Ayatollah Khomeini died in Teheran, Iran.
set record of over 440 million box office sales in its first weekend. Nolan Ryan of the
Texas Rangers became the first pitcher ever to pitch 5,000 strikeouts. Jim Bakker convicted and
sentenced to 24 to 45 years in prison and fined $500,000. David Dinkins became New York
City's first black mayor. Cincinnati Red's manager, Pete Rose, was banished for life from
baseball for gambling. More than one million Chinese students, teachers, and workers
demanded greater democracy in Beijing but were suppressed by martial law. Theater tickets for
Dustin Hoffman's portrayal of Shylock in
The Merchant of Venice
set a record of $55 for a
nonmusical production on Broadway. Sir Laurence Olivier died.
• Entering Freshmen
• Ethernet Installed
• Ranking
• "Clean Room"
• Clarkson School
• Gender Issues
• Ice Carnival Growth
• Space Shuttle Experiments
• Student Loan Defaults
• MIE to MAE?
• Commencement
• Mini-Baja Car
• HS Teachers Honored
• Minority Participation
Design for the Future
• Project Areté
• Take-A-Seat Program
• Wellness Course
• Measles
• Oldest Hockey Fan
• CAMP Building
• Sports: Best Year Ever
• New Alcohol Policy
• "Pit" T-shirt
• Vending-machine Software
Entering Freshmen.
Applications for the 1990 freshman class totaled 2,491. The entering
Class of 1993 included 15 valedictorians and 14 salutatorians. Fifteen of its members were sons
or daughters of alumni.
Clarkson continued to be ranked in the highly selective category in
Barron's Profiles
of American Colleges
, and was one of 315 colleges listed in the 5th edition of
Peterson's Guide
to Selective Colleges
Clarkson School.
Completing its twelfth year with its largest class ever, The Clarkson School
enrolled 57 students from 22 states and four foreign countries. Thirty percent were National
Merit Scholarship finalists.
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