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Ice Carnival Growth.
A glance at the schedule of the nine days of Ice Carnival events reveals
how the festival has grown over the 60 years of its existence.
Friday, January 27 - Cavalcade: five-minute skits
Saturday, January 28 - Cavalcade (concluded)
Sunday, January 29 - Ice Carnival Parade through town
Sunday, January 29 - "A Time to get Stupid": social event with games, and king and queen candidates
Monday, January 30 - Volleyball with teams from both colleges
Tuesday, January 31 - Broomball with teams from both colleges
Wednesday, February 1 - Ice Skating competition with individuals from both colleges
Thursday, February 2 - Oil Cloth Painting judging
Thursday, February 2 - Window Painting judging (downtown stores)
Friday, February 3 - Ice Statue Judging
Friday, February 3 - Pie Eating Contest at Potsdam State
Saturday, February 4 - Cross-Country Skiing Contest
Saturday, February 4 - Tug-of-War in Lehman Park
Saturday, February 4 - Ice Carnival Ball; King and Queen crowned
Student Loan Defaults.
Leading the state in the fewest student loan defaults, Clarkson's rate
was 1.7 percent. The national average for student loan defaults for 1988-89 was 6.7 percent,
while the New York State average was 8.03 percent.
The alumni body grew to 26,334 when 822 bachelor's, 129 master's, and 42
PhDs were awarded at Commencement in May. Of the 822 seniors, 209 graduated with
distinction (GPA of 3.25 or over) and 56 with great distinction (GPA of 3.75 or over). At the
ceremonies, Prof. Richard Miller, math and computer science department, was awarded the
Distinguished Teaching Award; John Yagielski, ECE major with a GPA of 3.975, won the
Levinus Clarkson prize; and Kathryn Sheehan, an accounting major with a GPA of 3.921, won
the Frederica Clarkson prize.
Two faculty members retired after a total of 42 years service to the University. In his 17
years, Robert Cotellessa served as chairman of the electrical and computing engineering
department, as dean of engineering, and as vice president of academic and student affairs. One
of his senior faculty members once referred wittily to an event in the department's history as
Eight years BC-Before Cotellessa
Also retiring was M.S.A.A. Hammam, Alcoa Professor of Electrical and Computing
Engineering, after 25 years service.
High School Teachers Honored.
Nominated by members of the graduating class, five high
school teachers were honored for being inspirational to students, teachers who had exerted
particular influence on the lives of five seniors. Those nominated were: LeRoy Baines, Massena
Central School; Frederick B. Larson, Fredonia Central School; Harry J. McManus,
Northeastern Clinton Central School; Margaret Nichols, Fairport High School; and James
Smith, Holland Patent High School.
Design for the Future.
Officially begun with a gala kickoff celebration on October 21, 1989,
this fund-raising campaign set a goal of $40 million, with specific campaign priorities
designating $20 million for academic excellence, $13 million for a campus center, and $7
million for financial aid. Advance commitments of over $20 million, slightly more than half,
were announced at the black-tie kickoff dinner honoring the advance donors.
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