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program was not a new major, but a "degree option" developed in an attempt to integrate
management knowledge and skills with the flexibility characteristic of the humanities and
social sciences.
This program had two design features: to promote social and ethical responsibilities, and
to encourage students to participate with faculty members in classroom collaboration. Besides
these, it provides students with an international perspective through an introduction to
international economics.
It offered several interdisciplinary courses specifically designed as Areté courses.
Students were expected to participate in seminars and discussions involving business
executives, social critics, government leaders, and artists, all leading to cultural understanding
from an international perspective.
Eleven students in the fall of 1990 and seven more in 1991, entered this program funded
by a three-year $175,000 grant from the US Department of Education's Fund for the
Improvement of Post-Secondary Education.
Wellness Course.
Offered as a mandatory part of the physical education requirement for
incoming freshman, a new course in Wellness covered such topics as nutrition, stress
management, substance abuse, sexuality, and physical conditioning. This course provided
students with important information on how they can lead a healthy life.
Oldest Hockey Fan.
Anne O'Leary, grandmother of hockey team captain Mike Morrison,
attended most of the home games in Walker Arena for the past four years. Although she was
92, her enthusiasm and energy constantly perked up the cheering section. When she was unable
to attend the games in person, she watched them on TV in her Canton home or listened to the
radio broadcasts. An avid hockey fan since she and her late husband moved to Canton in 1929,
she first rooted for St. Lawrence but changed her loyalty when her grandson became a Golden
Sports: Best Year Ever.
The Golden Knight hockey team completed its 15th consecutive
winning season with an overall record of 21-13-3, and went on to ECAC post-season play for
the 28th time in 29 years. They advanced to post-season playoffs in Minnesota for the first time
since 1984. Junior defenseman Dave Tretowicz was named Second Team All-ECAC, and
freshman forwards Scott Thomas and Hugo Belanger were named to the ECAC All-Rookie
The Nordic Ski team won the Mid-East Conference during the regular season and
placed second in the Eastern Regionals. They went on to complete their sixth consecutive
appearance at the NCSA National Championships and won the Smith-Corona Championship
Scholarship Award of $1,000.
Women's basketball finished their sixth straight winning season with a 22-4 record, and
also advanced to post-season play for the fifth straight year, They won their second straight
ICAC Championship with an 11-l league mark, finishing second in the New York State
competition, emerging as champion at the NCAA Northeast Regionals, and ultimately earning a
trip to the NCAA Division III Final Four in Kentucky. Senior forward Melissa Smith was
named ICAC Player of the Year, First Team All-ECAC and Third Team AWSF All-American.
Amy Huestis and Brigitte Aldous, both junior forwards, were named to the Second Team All-
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