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leadership skills of Clarkson women and to develop an understanding of the different kinds of
Because women are in the minority on the Clarkson campus, this conference helped the
participants to become acquainted with one another and to form a support network. It taught
them the meaning of leadership, and important things about both themselves and other people
in society. A junior remarked that she learned one aspect of leadership was to be able to know
what type of a person an individual may be by sheer observation. She said:
Learning about introverts, extroverts, and whether they are aggressive or assertive will help a leader in
dealing with those people in different situations.
This third conference organized by the SWE was open to all freshmen, sophomores, and
Clarkson ZIP Code.
In January, Clarkson obtained its own ZIP code, 13699. In the past,
Clarkson mail had to be sorted by the Potsdam post office which often delayed its receipt by the
University. With its own ZIP code, Clarkson mail would be presorted in Watertown, and at
6:00 a.m. arrive in Potsdam already sorted for Clarkson.
Under the new system, each student was assigned a student box number on his or her
arrival on campus for the first time, and retained that same box number in the mail room in
Cheel for the duration of that student's time at Clarkson. Faculty members received mail
through box numbers for their departmental offices; administration had box numbers assigned
to their particular areas. This was done to make mail sorting by Clarkson mail room personnel
easier and quicker.
This was the third new ZIP code issued in Northern New York in the past 32 years, the
other two being one to Liverpool because of its growth, and the second to Fort Drum because of
its expansion.
Shurtleff's Pulpit.
Rev. Robert M. Shurtleff, Clarkson registrar for 14 years, resigned his
position to reascend the pulpit. He resumed his role as a priest at Constable, N.Y., and then at
St. Mary's Church, Potsdam, for several months before being assigned a parish in Tupper Lake,
N.Y. He had spent his first Clarkson year with the Career Planning Office before assuming the
position of registrar. During his years as registrar, however, Father Shurtleff still maintained his
role as priest, frequently officiating at services in the nearby Newman Center.
Aeronautical Engineering.
Coordinated by Prof. Sung Lin of the mechanical and industrial
engineering department, a new program was added to Clarkson's engineering offerings; it
allowed students to study the science and engineering associated with flight. Subjects offered
included aircraft structure, propulsion, control systems, and aircraft design.
Although approved unanimously by the faculty of the Department of Mechanical and
Industrial Engineering in 1989, this program was not approved by the New York State
Department of Education until January 1990. The department later changed its official name to
the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, dropping the name of Industrial
ICAC Title.
After defeating St. Lawrence the previous week, the Lady Knights basketball team
with a 20-2 overall record, and 10-1 league record, took on RPI's Lady Engineers in the Alumni
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