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in a row. Clarkson's default rate on Stafford Student Loans and Supplemental Loans for
Students was 1.1 percent, the lowest rate for schools of its type in New York.
This list of more than 3,000 non-profit colleges, universities, and vocational and
technical schools revealed that New York schools ranged from zero percent to a high of 46.2
percent. The highest default rate in the nation was 67.9 percent.
Theater Production.
For Parent's Weekend, October 26-28, the Clarkson Theater Club put on
a production of
The Life and Death of Almost Everybody
. Written by David Campton, this
"serious" comedy revolved around a backstage theater sweeper's creation of his own "theater
magic," inventing his own characters and drama.
Directed by Dan Dullea, assistant director of media technologies in the ERC, this
imaginative allegorical production was shown as a multi-media event with images projected on
a screen with on-stage slides located behind the actors and actresses. It starred Jason Stubbs,
Eric Stone, Jennifer Sanford, and June Crosby.
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