A Clarkson Mosaic - page 5

Mrs. Perry Hadlock
Mr. Gordon "Stubby" Baker '27
Mr. F. William Fiesinger '37
Dr. Edward T. Misiaszek '52
Mr. Edward McHugh
Mr. Fred Talcott '27
Mr. Roger Dilmore '68
Mrs. John Foley
Mr. Robert Hartunian '60
Mr. Odvar Heggen '34
Mr. Anthony "Dick" Waibel '27
Dr. Josip Kratohvil
Mr. Russell Spicer '26
Mrs. Hugh O'Neill
Mr. Roger Peo '57
Mr. Clarke Joy '29
Ms. Helen Chapple
Mr. Randy Brockway '91
Mr. Gary Mikel
Mr. Peter Gordon '81
plus many, many, more nameless Clarksonites, and especially to my goodwife, June '81, who
groaned over this project with me for these past nine years.
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