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goals and 153 assists; professional hockey with L.A. Kings: 421 goals and 626 assists in
1,030 games.
On the Space Shuttle.
On January 30, the space shuttle Discovery returned to earth carrying
two experiments which Clarkson University helped design. Directly involved in this experiment
were Dean of Engineering William Wilcox, Professor Frederick Carlson, and doctoral
candidate Jianhua Sun. Working with a professor at Alabama A&M University, these three
designed experiments involving the growing of triglycine sulfate (TGS) crystals from aqueous
solutions in near zero gravity.
Both experiments experienced problems during the flight and were cancelled for lack of
time. Twice, short circuits in the electrical system of the experiments forced them to be
Ice Carnival.
Using the theme "Oh, the Places You'll Go," Clarkson and State students created
the usual decorations throughout town: window painting, oil cloth painting, and the parade. No
statues were constructed because of poor weather. Using their imaginations, students came up
with such places to visit as: "New York," "Rydell High," "Under the Sea," and "Heaven to
Hell." Throughout the week, students played basketball, broomball, volleyball, snow softball,
snow football, snow soccer, and a tug-of-war. They even had a pie-eating contest. All the
winners were announced Saturday night at the "Social Event" which brought the week-long
carnival to a close.
Investment Game.
Jesse Sherman, assistant professor of accounting and law, participated in
the AT&T Collegiate Investment Challenge nationwide, an educational stock market
competition which allows students and educators to buy, sell, and short sell stocks through an
AT&T toll free 800 number, and gain valuable market experience without the financial risks of
the real world. The players' decisions are based on up-to-the-minute prices of over 5,000
actual stocks.
Sherman competed against over 20,000 high school and college students and educators
throughout the country. Beginning with an initial fictional investment of $500,000, Sherman
had increased his portfolio's value to $824,772.05 by the second week in February, with just
three weeks to go. That amount ranked him third in the nation. The winners received cash and
merchandise prizes worth more than $200,000. He ended in sixth place.
Beginning with the 1992 summer session, tuition rose about six percent for the second
year, from $13,380 to $14,190, with room rates increasing to an average of $2,778, and board
rates an average of $2,692. Earlier yearly increases had been eight or nine percent.
In a letter to parents explaining the increase in tuition, President Gallagher noted that to
keep tuition costs down, the University had not awarded salary increases to any staff personnel
for the next fiscal year, the size of the non-teaching staff had been reduced gradually through
attrition during the past three years, and operational budgets had remained roughly the same for
the past five years.
French Knights.
Hugo Belanger, St. Hubert, Quebec, and Martin d'Orsonnens, Repentigny,
Quebec, two Canadians currently on the Clarkson's Golden Knight hockey team, visited the
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