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CU in Winter Olympics.
Two members of the Clarkson University community participated for
the United States in the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.
Diann Roffe-Steinrotter, wife of soccer coach Willi Steinrotter, won the silver medal in
the women's Giant Slalom. She tied Anita Wachter of Austria by skiing down the 4,356-foot
course in a combined time of two minutes 13.71 seconds, just 0.97 seconds behind the gold
medal winner, Pernilla Wiiberg of Sweden. In fall 1994, Diann enrolled at Clarkson as a
Dave Tretowicz '91 skated for the US Hockey team. While at Clarkson, he skated in
more Clarkson hockey games than any other Golden Knight, playing in 142 straight games
from 1987-91, and captained the 1990-91 team to the ECAC championship.
Canadian Ice.
A 3,000-pound block of "black" ice was flown from Canmore, Alberta, Canada,
to Dorval Airport in Montreal, where it was picked up by Clarkson University.
"Black" ice gets its name from the fact that it contains no air bubbles, which usually
scatter light and give it the familiar white hue. This block, seemingly crystal-clear blue, came
from a lake in Peter Loughheed Provincial Park where Clarkson Professor John Dempsey had
conducted a study of ice fractures for three weeks in January. It was crated in a double-walled
box, with 500 pounds of dry ice between the partitioning to keep it cold. Its value
lay in allowing scientists to study ice fractures in a lab using the same ice
used in the field.
By studying the fracture strength of ice, Dempsey worked to determine the thickness of
ice necessary for cars and trucks to drive on, and aircraft of any size to land on. His studies also
are expected to determine the force that ice exerts in bridge piers, offshore equipment, and
surfacing submarines.
Science Olympiad.
Clarkson hosted the 1992 Science Olympiad for nine northern New York
high school teams. These teams competed in games to test their knowledge of biology, earth
science, chemistry, physics, and computers. The winner of Clarkson's tournament traveled to
the state tournament at West Point in April.
Some of the events included "Don't Bug Me," "Scrambler," and "Rocks, Minerals, and
Fossils." Students in the "Don't Bug Me" event had to identify insects by their common and
order names- a dragon fly's name, for example, is odonata- and explain the insect's impact on
the human race. "Scrambler" called for the students in 20 minutes to build a vehicle that could
propel itself and an uncooked egg as fast as possible for 10 meters, and stop on target- without
cracking the egg.
Who's Who.
Sixty-one Clarkson students were included in the
Who's Who Among Students in
American Universities and Colleges
for 1992:
Sara Bellinger, Joanne Boston, Robert Brown, Tracy Bryant, Scott Bulger, Raymond
Burrows, Brian Bush, Priscilla Chapman, Richard Chartrand, Timothy Danehy, Susan DeBlois,
David de Cesare, Christopher Fredd, Thomas Dempsey, Joseph Galant, Gerard Galvin, Lee
Gang Jr., Lori Ginal, Karri Gregg, David Hadcock, Brian Hager, Jeffrey Holden, Mark
Humphrey, Bradford Iverson, Michael Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Sean Keenan, Timothy
King, Deborah Kregling, Steven Lamphier, Michael Laramie, Arlene MacSorley, Joseph
Mastrangelo, Shawn McIntosh, Angela Moody, Scott Mulloy, Gregory Murray, Sang Nam,
Alicia Nemcek, Gregory Oczkowski, Meredith Olinski, Melissa Otts, Tammy Pate, Michael
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