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Four federal agents were killed in Waco, Texas, in a February shoot-out with members of the
religious cult, the Branch Davidians. Terrorists bombed New York City's World Trade Center.
Extensive floods of the upper Mississippi River area caused $12 billion in damage; in St. Louis,
the Mississippi crested at 49.4 feet above normal. President Clinton overturned restrictions on
abortions. By losing to the Dallas Cowboys 52-17, the Buffalo Bills lost their third straight
Super Bowl. Janet Reno became the first woman Attorney General of the USA. A March
snowstorm which dropped 13 inches in Birmingham, Ala., and 36 inches in Syracuse, N.Y.,
caused 200 deaths. Women became eligible to pilot combat aircraft in all four branches of the
US Armed Forces. The Chicago Bulls won their third straight NBA title. The North American
Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed by Canada, the US, and Mexico. Toni Morrison
became the first African-American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.
60 Minutes
of Fortune
were the highest rated TV shows.
Jurassic Park
movie set first-day box-office
earnings record of $18.2 million in June. Other movies included
Sleepless in Seattle, The
, and
The Firm
• Cultural Diversity
• Unusual PhD Student
• Congdon Dorm Closed
• Indian Students
• Congdon's Greeks
• Other Athletics
• Black History Month
• Mini-Baja Car
• Weston's New Management
• High School Teachers
• ECAC Hockey Champs
• Four VPs
• Student President
Design for the Future
• A. George Davis Retired
• Snowball "Phight"
• Other Retirements
• CU: "One of the Best"
• Environmental Ethics
• Student-authored Text
• Soccer Champs
• Renso Caporali
• Gallagher in Hall of Fame
• Best Paper Design
• Lacrosse All-Stars
• Solar Car
• ASME Advisor
• World Wide Web
• American Indians
• Canadian-US Business Studies
Cultural Diversity
. In response to an ever-increasing number of complaints from minority
students on campus, the Student Senate conducted a diversity and discrimination forum in the
Barben Room of the Cheel Center. More than 150 people filled the room for a four-hour session
of complaints and accusations. Erik Hurst, Senate president, opened with the statement that
treatment of minorities on campus was not a problem with the students, nor the faculty, nor the
administration, but a problem with Clarkson.
He introduced a panel of students, faculty, and administrators who brought to light
problems faced by campus minority members: women, African Americans, homosexuals, and
international students. After their presentations of specific and general complaints, Erik opened
the floor to comments and questions. A flood of specific accusations followed. Three hours
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