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Clarkson was accepted for membership in the National Consortium for Graduate
Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science (GEM). Jointly sponsored by 70 university
and 85 employer members, GEM works to expand graduate study opportunities for
underrepresented minority students at the master's and PhD levels in engineering and science
through a program of special support services, financial aid, and paid summer internships.
Membership in GEM places Clarkson in a competitive position to attract some of the top
minority students to the University's graduate programs in engineering and science.
Corporate sponsors include such companies as Boeing, Chrysler, Colgate-Palmolive,
Dow Chemical, Digital Equipment, Kodak, Exxon, and others. In 1992, over 800 students
applied for GEM fellowships, and 272 received award for graduate study in engineering and the
ASME Advisor.
Professor M. Sathyamoorthy was chosen the best chapter advisor in the
United States by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
American Indians.
Twenty-four American Indian 11th graders came to Clarkson from across
the nation for a three-week program aimed at increasing their interest in science and
engineering. Sponsored by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES),
some came from as far away as New Mexico and Arizona. In all, 14 tribes from nine states,
including Navajos, Senecas, and Pueblos, were represented.
This was the fifth year the event had been held, and Clarkson is the only school east of
the Mississippi River that has hosted it. AISES headquarters is located at the University of
Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.
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