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...for service to his church, and to the community, reflecting great credit to himself and to his
Climbing Wall.
Even though Congdon Hall was no longer used as a dormitory, its gymnasium
was used by the Clarkson Outing Club. On February 26, the Club unveiled a new climbing wall
designed by Clarkson graduate student Soahn Kuehner.
This 22- by 24-foot structure had four distinct sections: a slant to vertical section, a
completely vertical section, a gentle overhang, and a big roof. The gentle overhang sloped
outward at 70 degrees from the vertical. The four-foot roof was vertical for the lower 10 feet,
horizontal for four feet, and then vertical to the ceiling. Its hand holds were color-coded with
tape to create routes for climbers with varying expertise. These routes were given colorful
names: Jellystone, Torqued Traverse, Citrus, Wonkhie Monkey's Butt, and Burrito Chuggin
Three-toed Tree Sloth, among others. Instructions for use of the wall and rental harness
equipment were provided for interested climbers.
Cross-country Cyclist.
Leslie Ann Hummel, a Clarkson student in the Clarkson School,
bicycled across the country from Seattle, Washington, to Bar Harbor, Maine. Leaving
Washington on June 1, she reached Bar Harbor on August 29. Cycling with seven others from
Adventure Cycling, a national bicycle touring group, Leslie carried with her all the items she
needed: sleeping bag, tent, and stove. Initially, she had hoped to raise $30,000 which she
expected to present to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, an organization which funds research
into finding a cure for this disease.
She raised $3-4,000 during the school year in Potsdam, and then spent 10 days in her
home state of North Carolina raising $35,000 before she left for Seattle to begin pedaling across
country. By the time she reached Maine, she had raised over $66,000.
Chi Phi.
In January, local fraternity Lambda Chi became a recognized colony of Chi Phi
national fraternity. Lambda Chi had been started on campus in 1991 by Mel Chapman. By
January, he had gathered an interested group of students who shared his dream, and by spring
1993, the group had organized thoroughly and had initiated its first pledge class.
Chi Phi fraternity was founded at Princeton in 1924 and has 56 active chapters
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