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college cusses, and wuz made to know in no uncertain langwich that menand my feller victims
waz the skum of the erth. when any dirty werk has to be did the frosh has to do it.
People remarc they can tell the upper class boys from the uthers bekase they look so
solum and dignified. this is no dout do to the fac that by the time you are tru bein a frosh yu get
bout everything but solumness an dignity nocked out uv yu. they aint a superclasser which looks
under 35 yrs uv age.
The softmores which is the next stage is used almost as worse. the softmore wich bosses
the dirty werk in conneckshun wit feurbsoo an hockey an baskut bawl is called scrub manager.
this is dun tu make tehem feel gud as otherwise tha mite lay down on the job an the asst
manager mite haf tu werk which would be a kalamuty, no dout. when a soft more has a pese of
spechuly derty werk handed tu him to do he makes the frosh du it.
I tuk sum examinashuns at krismun an after lookin over the papers the profs tol me i
should start the noo yere rite and go over tu Carthage an get me a job in the paper mill
which i am thinkin uv doin.
yores Truly, yore sun,
willie Bushey
Ps. I used them trik kards yu sent me to try to git back the muny which i lost to squirt
anabel playin poker, but he new more triks wit them than what i did. .t35 yore sun.
(Ps) sen me ten bucks tu bi me a slide rul.
(yore sun.)
Willie Bushy's father answered his letter from South Paw, Indiana. Included were such
items as:
Mi sun, dont yu pay no ten bucks fer no slide rule. i bot you a rule to the ten cence store
an am sending it along wit a pint ov skunk oil tu yu. keep the rule well greased wit the skunk oil
an it will slide just as good as them ten buck wonz.
In 1930, the
offered a background for Joe Bushey. It stated that Joe
enrolled as a member of the class of 1923 during the fall semester of 1919. Joseph X. Bushey
stands for the universal unknown quantity) was the creation of the class of 1923,
although later classes have laid claim to his creation. Such claims about him and his past history
have credited him with being a Rear Admiral in the Sahara Coast Guard, and he has stated that
he will stay at Clarkson until the Sahara is able to support another navy. At that time, in the 11
years he was credited with being at Clarkson, he has been able to pass only one course –
Physics - so his chances of keeping his promise look good. He is credited with painting the
Potsdam water tower, with running for mayor, and with matriculating Moses at Clarkson.
In short, the
sums up his importance to Clarkson:
What is next to be expected of him is beyond human power to predict. He may land on
the board of trustees and argue them into making him president on a platform of no eight o'clock
classes, no school on weekdays, Sunday excursions north, abolishment of exams and quizzes,
and deletion of the freshman year. (Therefore no freshman rules.) In brief, he is the secret
yearning of every Techer who finds that he must study instead of having things as he wants
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