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House of the eight Decennial Committee student members, two from each class. That provision
was amended to provide that each class have three representatives, making the 12 also in the
Lower House, so that the membership of both Houses was more nearly equal. Its Board of
Managers consisted of six members elected by secret ballot from the Upper House with the
School’s Director,
ex officio,
as chairman. Its constitution also stated that this Assembly in no
way had the power to interfere with the rights vested in the Board of Trustees under the laws
and ordinances of the University of the State of New York.
A joint meeting was held as a social hour on October 8 to plan for an Assembly Ball to
be held on November 29 for the benefit of the proposed gymnasium. Following Chapel the next
day, all the students voted to pledge $1,500 toward building the proposed gymnasium. Two
days later, the Executive Committee of the Trustees authorized this Clarkson Assembly to
prepare suitable plans, practical estimates, and specifications for a gymnasium so the Board
could solicit bids for such a much-needed building. To that end, the Assembly asked four
members of the Alumni Association to join the Assembly: its four officers and four at-large
On Founder’s Day, November 30, 1906, the first annual meeting of this 32-member
Clarkson Engineering Assembly was called to order. Its aims and purposes were set forth in the
preamble to its constitution:
We, the Faculty, Alumni, and students of the Thomas S. Clarkson Memorial School of Technology, in order more
efficiently to promote the advancement of science, the dignifying of labor and the increase of good learning for which this
Institution was established; to form a more perfect working union for all working forces, and promote the general welfare of the
Institution; and further to aid its growth and development in accordance with the wishes and purpose of the Founders for the
promotion of the best interests of men and for the glory and praise of God, do establish this Constitution.
On May 27, 1907, the Clarkson Engineering Assembly was chartered by the Regents as
an organization composed of faculty, alumni, and student representatives “to transact business
with all powers, privileges, and duties for a corporation of this character.” (See 1920 for
changes to this organization.)
Decennial Celebration.
To mark Clarkson’s tenth year, a Decennial Committee was formed to
devise plans with the faculty for the celebration on November 30, 1906. The first event of the
Decennial celebration was the formal observance of Washington’s birthday, February 22, in
Chapel Hall, with an essay contest by students and an address by Director Aldrich on
Washington and Franklin: Eighteenth Century Prophets of Twentieth Century History.
was followed by Charter Day celebrations on March 19, during which the Chapel was
decorated with National and Clarkson colors in flags, festoons, rosettes, and banners. The
platform was lined with ferns, potted plants, and vases of cut flowers of Easter lilies. Both the
School Orchestra and the Glee Club performed, and appropriate remarks were made by
representatives of the Trustees, faculty, alumni, and students. After the celebration, this
committee remained in existence as the Engineering Assembly.
Levinus Clarkson Award.
On Charter Day, March 19, at a time when the tuition was still
$100 per year, the two Clarkson sisters decided to create a scholarship award for an outstanding
student in memory of Thomas’ favorite brother. Officially called the Thomas S. Clarkson
Memorial School of Technology Scholarship, it read:
1...,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56 58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,...643
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