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We, the undersigned, agree to pay on Charter Day, March 19
of each year, One Hundred Dollars ($100) to be
applied to the establishment of a Scholarship to be known as the “Levinus Clarkson Scholarship”, and to be awarded to a
candidate nominated by the Director of said School.
This scholarship will be awarded to a student whose record is in every way above question, as based upon the work
and deportment of previous years, and who gives the most promise of future professional success.
March 19, 1906
(signed) Elizabeth Clarkson
(signed) Frederica Clarkson
Clarkson Banner.
As the next event of the Decennial Anniversary, on November 27, 1906, a
Clarkson banner was unfurled during a presentation address by Dr. Hervey D. Thatcher,
secretary and member of the Board of Trustees. At a prearranged but unexpected moment for
the audience, the banner was unfurled, and spotlights in the lighted decorations on each wall”
“1896” and “1906”, and one in the “C.S.T.” over the entrance door illuminated the Chapel Hall
and the banner.
Measuring 5 ½ feet by 7 ½ feet when unfurled, and edged in old gold fringe, the
banner’s field of rich green silk bore diagonal bars of old gold silk in the form of St. Andrew’s
cross. Designed by Tiffany and Company of New York, the embroidered steam engine seal
with a circle 24 inches in diameter was placed in the center of the banner depicted in old gold,
rich brown, and steel gray silk suited to the design of the legend, within the circle of the seal. It
was mounted on a polished oak pole with a gold spearhead and gold tassels. Green and gold
were chosen for the school’s colors because Thomas Clarkson’s favorite flower was goldenrod.
In his acknowledgement, William S. Aldrich, Director of Clarkson, said:
The members of the Faculty and instructional force delegated to me present an acknowledgement and a word of
appreciation in their behalf to the donors of this Banner- the Founders of this Memorial School. It is with great pleasure that I
respond to this duty, and extend to them, in behalf of my colleagues, sincerest regards and warmest appreciation for their gift.
Ten years ago this Institution stepped out, as it were, to the cadence of the new educational movement which the
closing years of the XIXth century witnessed and passed in review. The Clarkson Memorial wheeled into line and took up the
long march. It was without banner or battle-cry. Necessity forced upon the student body a battle-cry, a college yell. It was the
watchword of the outposts. It was the password of the old guard. It is the test of alumni fealty.
From this hour forward we have the banner to quicken the pulse, hasten faltering steps, promote courage, inspire
hope, enliven faith, and compact our columns into one solid invincible phalanx. In a military sense, it is our regimental flag, the
Clarkson Tech. colors. It becomes the Ensign of this cohort, gleaming in green and gold.
The Clarkson Banner, like the colors of the regiment, gives this organization a place among the representatives of the
country. It elevates it to the peerage. It gives it solidarity otherwise unattainable. It gives status, standing, dignity. It will give it
prestige, power, and influence… .
Robert Charles Huntington ’07, chairman of the Students’ Decennial Committee, then
acknowledged the banner on behalf of the students:
The members of this School have for a long time wanted a banner and have felt that a banner made of the
Tech. colors, with the Seal of the School upon it, would represent the high standards and ideals that the School has
always stood for. And, hung in the Chapel, it would be a constant reminder of the duty of each of us to do his best
to help maintain those standards.
We have now been presented with such a banner and the students, wishing to express their gratitude and
appreciation, have drawn up the following resolutions to be read at the presentation.
To the worthy Founder of the School and the Donors of the Banner:
Whereas the students deeply appreciate the gift of this beautiful banner, as it fulfills a long felt want of the
school, and desire to express their gratitude for the same, therefore,
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