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Resolved, that a hearty vote of thanks be given the Donors and that a copy of this resolution be read at the
Alma Mater.
At this celebration, all the musical selections were Decennial prize songs
submitted by alumni and students. Even though
The Clarkson Banner,
submitted by Silas
Stanley Stone ’05, was awarded first prize, the celebration program opened with the song
The Clarkson Spirit,
which later served as the Alma Mater for over 75 years. Sung to
the tine of
Maryland, My Maryland,
this song had been submitted by an anonymously by
X.Y.Z. When asked to identify himself, X.Y.Z. revealed himself to be John McNulty ’09. In his
remarks, McNulty revealed the real reason that he wrote the song. He said:
I have observed within the limits of my experience that there is something which brings larger returns and
more efficient results than either high wages or sinecures. This has been so in the past and remains so in the
present. What made the star of France rise so high and so splendidly? It was the patriotism of the French people for
France and their loyalty to Napoleon. Why have the English, the Irish, and the Scotch been such lovers of their
homeland? Because they had a Shakespeare, a Robert Emmet, a Robert Burns, and a Sir Thomas Moore to make
them so by their poetry. It is easy to see that the Patriot Army of American did not labor for money that was in it,
they did not get pay half the time, neither was it for the pleasantness of the life they led, for they suffered great
hardships. It was for patriotism… .
It was this spirit that I wished to see started at Clarkson Tech, by means of home songs. Our Institution is
not yet old. It has therefore not many traditions nor customs to help bind the students together, such is done by
these factors in the older organizations. But the time is here to Tech literature, a Tech collection of songs that will
act as a binding agent for all interests. I hope that others will follow in this work, so that future students will find
themselves unconsciously drawn into the Clarkson Spirit.
Here is the song as submitted by Mr. McNulty. Note that the second stanza became the
Alma Mater in later years, and was all that was sung.
The spirit that pervades the hall
Clarkson Tech, dear Clarkson Tech.
To noble living moves us all,
Clarkson Tech, dear Clarkson Tech.
With honor, duty as thy call
No fear be thine whae’er befall
Thy teachings men of powerful enthrall,
Clarkson Tech, dear Clarkson Tech.
Celestial fires burn on thy hearth,
Clarkson Tech, dear Clarkson Tech.
Thy fame is spreading o’er the earth,
Clarkson Tech, dear Clarkson Tech.
Thy banner green and gold afar
Like some late risen shining star
Is borne in triumph’s golden car,
Clarkson Tech, dear Clarkson Tech.
At some later date, the wording was changed slightly by deleting the word “Tech” from the end
of several lines, and rearranging the stanzas: the second stanza became the first, the first
became the third, and a new second one was inserted:
Thy words of wisdom in our hearts,
Clarkson Tech, dear Clarkson.
Engender love for peaceful arts,
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