A Clarkson Mosaic - page 591

The dates after each photograph indicate the year it was taken; the page numbers refer to the
discussion in the text.
1a. Thomas Clarkson playing chess with his sister, Elizabeth, c. 1868
1b. Main Building ("Old Main"), 1896
2a. Miss Annie Clarkson
2b. Miss Emily Clarkson M
2c. Decennial Celebration, 1906
3a. Clarkson banner, 190
3b. Old Main: chemistry lab, c.1
4a. Electrical testing lab, Old Main, c. 1906
4b. First library, second floor, Old Main, 1905
5a. Chapel, third floor, Old Main, 1906
5b. Clarkson's first women, 1904
6a. Domestic science lab, Old Main, 1905
6b. Woodworking shop, Old Main, 1905
7a. Woodworking and metalworking pr
tests, c. 1905
7b. Forge shop, Old Main, 1906
8a. Testing materials, Old Main, 1906
8b. Sutherland Hall, 1919
9a. Gymnasium, built in 1911
9b. Gymnasium, 1912
10a. Gymnasium decorations, 1914
10b. Grant House, home of Clarkson presidents, 1953
11a. Public School No. 8, 1938 ("Old Number 8" demolished in 1956)
11b. "The Tech Club," 1901
12a. "Tech" students, 1906
12b. Clarkson
c. 1908
13a. "Melody Boys," 1927
13b. Potsdam "Fair Grounds," c. 1910
14a. Sophomore Cane Rush, 1920
14b. Roarin' Twenties Student Life
15a. Snell Hall Auditorium, 1923
15b. Potsdam Normal School, c. 1910
16a. Snell Field boulders, 1924
16b. Construction of Snell Field, c. 1927
17. Clarkson's Directors and Presidents
1. Charles W. Eaton (1896-97), Director
2. Barton Cruikshank (1897-1901), Director
3. William Sleeper Aldrich (1901-11), Director
4. John Pascal Brooks (1911-28; 1932-33), Director, President
5. Joseph Eugene Rowe (1928-32) President
6. James Shelby Thomas (1934-40), President
7. John Alexander Ross, Jr. (1940-47), President
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