A Clarkson Mosaic - page 593

35b. Hockey fans in Walker Arena, 1976
36a. Women's basketball, 1991
36b. Men's basketball (John Gordon)
36c. Motorized roller skates, 1971
37a. "Big Brothers" to Clarkson women, 1964
37b. Marathon Dance, 1968
37c. Archery for the Blind, 1978
38a. Alumni Award, 1971
38b. Clarkson family crest at Holcroft
38c. Adria Catala, Clarkson's first PhD
39. Proposed Hill campus, "Operation 71," 1964
40a. Hospital bed race, 1982
40b. Sigma Chi Fund-raising "Mouse Wheel," 1994
41a. Gazebo, 1986
41b. Women's tug-of war, 1978
42a. "Spring Thing" Pyramid, 1963
42b. Champagne Train, 1968
42c. Ice Carnival Cavalcade skit, AXP, 1980
42d. Ice Carnival King Dave Kinne and Queen Nancy Day, 1960
43a. Ice Statue on Raquette River, 1937
43b. Ice Carnival Statue, OPiO, 1967
44a. Ice Carnival Parade, Sigma Delta, 1980
44b. Solar Car "Excelsior," 1993
45a. Mini-Baja, 1993
45b. Mini-Indy, 1992
46a. Computer lab, 1993
46b. Prof. Dennis Horn and Peter Deuel on World Wide Web, 1994
47a. Diversity Alliance, 1993
47b. Student life in the 90s
48a. Cheel Campus Center, 199
48b. Center for Advanced Materials Processing, CAMP, 1992
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