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Nonsectarian Policy.
Clarkson's Board of Trustees approved the following nonsectarian
To the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching: Resolved that no denominational test is
imposed in the choice of Trustees, Officers, or Teachers, or in the admission of Students, nor are
distinctly denominational tenets or doctrines taught to the students, in the Thomas S. Clarkson Memorial
School of Technology, located in Potsdam, N.Y.
(Signed) Hervey Thatcher,
In response, the Carnegie Foundation placed Clarkson on the list of institutions entitled to share
in the benefits of the Foundation. Such institutions were designated in the rules adopted by the
trustees of the Foundation as "accepted institutions," and to professors in these institutions the
retiring allowances became a part of the regular academic compensation.
Summer School.
Clarkson offered courses for six weeks in the summer and provided facilities
and instruction for teachers, advanced, and special students. Courses taught in 1907 included:
AUTOMOBILES. A course in the construction, care, and operation of automobiles and boat
engines. The equipment consisted of a 20 hp Olds Touring Car for road practices, an 18 hp
Rambler Touring Car chassis, and the model of a Standard Olds Mobile Runabout.
HISTORY AND LITERATURE. Courses in English and American Literature; Ancient,
Medieval, and English History.
HOME SCIENCE. Courses in Cookery, Sewing, Basketry; lectures, laboratory work, individual
instruction; with special references to the needs of those preparing to teach Home Science.
MANUAL TRAINING. Courses in bench work in wood and Venetian ironwork, and sloyd
(See p. 32), combined with constructive drawings and making models and ornamental designs.
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