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The electric self-starter was perfected by Charles Kettering, marking a new era in auto
transportation. Other notable inventions included: air conditioning by Willis Carrier, the gyro-
compass by Elmer Sperry, and the hydroplane by Glenn Curtis. Edith Wharton published Ethan
Frome. Irving Berlin composed Alexander's Ragtime Band. Synge's play, Playboy of the
Western World, caused a riot in the theater. The 44.5 carat Hope diamond was sold for
$300,000. The French Academy of Science refused Marie Curie membership because she was a
woman; later that year, she won her second Nobel Prize. Highest price for a book was the
$50,000 paid by Henry Huntington for the Gutenberg Bible on vellum. Bob Burman drove a
record mile on Daytona Beach in 25.4 seconds. Indianapolis 500 race was run for the first
• Director Aldrich Left • Aero Association
• Brooks, New Director • Bertrand Snell, Trustee
• Glenn Morse Graduated
Director Aldrich Left.
At the close of graduation ceremonies on June 11, 1911, Professor
George H. Sweet, President of the Board of Trustees, announced two new members of the
board; Bertrand H. Snell and George H. Stebbins, the first alumnus to be elected. Then he
announced the departure from the Directorate of William Sleeper Aldrich. With the exception
of the 10 students who graduated in 1900 and 1901, Aldrich had known all 106 engineering
graduates (three had died in the ensuing 10 years). In recognition of his 10 years of devoted
service to the School, Aldrich was presented with a loving cup from the Clarkson sisters,
Elizabeth and Lavinia. Engraved on one side of this solid silver cup was the monogram "W. S.
A." and on the other side were the words:
To William Sleeper Aldrich, ME, Director of the Thomas S. Clarkson Memorial School of Technology,
Potsdam, N.Y., in grateful recognition of his devotion and unwearied efforts during the 10 years of his
Directorship, 1901-1911.
Director Aldrich left Clarkson to join the Shoshone Project for the US Reclamation
Service in Wyoming. He sent the following interesting message in October 1912:
Before leaving Potsdam, I promised to send nothing for publication [in the Clarkson Bulletin]. As to the US
Reclamation Service, all the forces are strictly enjoined against writing anything for publication, save through
bureau officials, and with their approval and sanction.
Brooks, New Director.
Then, Prof. Sweet introduced the new Director, Prof. John P. Brooks,
who Prof. Sweet said was the first and only candidate invited to Potsdam for this position.
A native of Kittery, Maine, Brooks graduated from Phillips Exeter in 1882 and from
Dartmouth with a bachelor of science degree in 1885. While completing the requirements at
Dartmouth, he played left halfback on Dartmouth's first football team. He played every minute
of every game. He was named by Walter Camp to be left halfback on the first All-American
football team in 1884.
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