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amount of $162.21 was deposited in the Citizen's National Bank, Potsdam. Alumni donations to
this fund ranged from $1 to $15.
Even though this fund could be drawn on by the treasurer, the alumni hoped that it
would be added to regularly until something worthwhile could be secured; or that it would
become a source of income for a scholarship.
Because the season was unusually short, and owing to the cancellation by some
managers, only two baseball games were played: Clarkson 6, Middlebury 5; and Niagara
University 3, Clarkson 0.
Basketball was different. With the completion of the new gymnasium and its fine
basketball court, Clarkson opened its first season of basketball. Much enthusiasm for the game
was shown by the students and as a result a squad of strong players was formed, with Professor
Blood of Normal as coach. Of the 14 games played by the varsity, eight at home and four on the
road, Clarkson won 12 and lost 2, scoring a total of 541 points to the opponents 278.
Opening the gym with the freshmen playing a team from Watertown High School, the
team began with an astonishing win. Because the visitors resorted to long passes and long shots,
they scored only two baskets, and the final score was 25-4. The next opponent, McGill of
Canada, unused to so large a court, was outplayed 48-12. In succession, Clarkson went on to
defeat Watertown YMCA 78-13; CCNY 27-23; Fort Plains (Beechnut team) 36-19; 40th
Separate Co. of Ogdensburg 53-10; Keuka College 42-12; St. John's University 21-17; Ottawa
YMCA 64-19; Niagara University 33-30; and Montreal YMCA 41-24. All these were home
games. Clarkson won two and lost two of the away games. They defeated Co. K at Malone 20-
18, and Keuka at Penn Yan 33-9. They lost to Niagara University at Niagara Falls 54-32, and to
RPI at Troy 18-13.
Faculty Committees.
The following were the chairmen of the standing committees of the
Faculty and Instructional Force: on athletics, Prof. Miller; public exercises and music, Prof.
Michel; publications, Prof. Michel; deficiency, Prof. Wheeler; attendance, including absence
and tardiness, Prof. Russell; freshmen, Prof. Michel; sophomores, Prof. Royal'; employment,
Prof. Towle.
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