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little entertainment instead of beating it for home and leaving two little green northerners like Wilcox [William R.
Wilcox '07] and myself alone in the N.Y.C. Depot to find our entertainment alone. However, we found a nice
warm place where we could hear music after wandering around in a snowstorm for about an hour. Would suggest
that a committee of those living in the Big City be appointed for an entertainment committee at next year's
Alumni Banquets.
The New York City Alumni Banquet was held at the Brevoort Hotel on
Friday evening, January 23. The College was represented by Prof. Michel and the president;
arrangements were made by Charles Pohl '02. The date for the next banquet was set for Friday
night, January 22, 1915.
On April 25, a reunion was held for the alumni in and around the Schenectady area, an
annual event. During the afternoon before the dinner, Prof. Powers and several members of the
senior class accompanying him inspected the G.E. plant to see electrical engineers at work.
New Students.
Among the 35 entering freshmen in the fall were some from Glens Falls,
Plattsburgh, two from Massachusetts, one from Pennsylvania, and one from El Paso, Texas.
These freshmen brought the enrollment total to 120 taking full college work, and two who were
doing some preparatory work at Potsdam Normal for full matriculation next year. The average
age of the freshmen was 19 years and five months.
Basketball was as successful as the previous year. The team won 13 of their 15 games.
The two games lost were to semi-pro teams; all the college games played were won by
Clarkson: Potsdam Normal 19-42; CCNY 16-38; St. John's 22-29; RPI 21-25; New Hampshire
16-27; Niagara University 22-33; Notre Dame 21-32, and St. Michael's College 12-40. Six of
the eight were played at Potsdam, including the game against Notre Dame. The coach expected
to schedule a game against MIT in 1915.
The baseball team had a five-game schedule. They played a home-and-home series
against Hobart College, and won at Potsdam 18-6 but lost on the road 13-10. They beat Alfred
9-1, Niagara at Niagara 7-6, but lost to Niagara 8-1 in Potsdam. Commencement early in June
made a longer schedule impractical.
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