A Clarkson Mosaic - page 89

promote harmony and good fellowship among their members and to maintain a high standard of
manhood. Intellectual and moral qualifications were considered as men sought membership,
thus exerting an influence for the betterment of student work and life.
New Courses.
Dr. Carl Michel offered new courses for the enrichment of the intellectual life of
the students. He began courses in the history of philosophy, history of civilization, logic,
psychology, and ethics. This broadened the intellectual opportunities for Clarkson students.
His announced aim in the philosophy course was to trace modern doctrines and thoughts
to their sources by investigating old and new philosophic doctrines with regard to psychology,
ethics, cosmology, theology, metaphysics, biology, anthropology, political government and
moral science, and scientific doctrines. In ethics, he traced historically the customs, law and
justice, standards and motives, the factors and forces of moral development; individual and
social views, and ethics in political, economic, and social life.
Tennis Association.
Although first organized in 1910, this group's members came from
students, faculty, and resident alumni. It built two regulation courts and their necessary
equipment. These courts were located on the campus for the use of the members. The
fraternities maintained three first-class courts, also.
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