A Clarkson Mosaic - page 9

given to the Parish for a church. T. Streatfeild Clarkson donated not only the stone, but also use
of his sawmill to build the church. Augustus Levinus Clarkson came to Potsdam sometime in the
1820s and built Woodstock in 1827 at the age of 24. An addition was completed sometime
before 1853. He married his first cousin, Frances Selina Clarkson, but she died a year later. He
brought his second wife, Emily McVickar, to Woodstock. Since his death in 1835, no member of
the Clarkson family has resided in the building.
Midway between Holcroft and Woodstock, Thomas S. Clarkson (senior) built the
Homestead for his wife and six children in 1838-39. Gradually, he added a conservatory, a
greenhouse, a summerhouse, a patio, and a gazebo along the style of the new gazebo erected as a
class gift by the Class of 1986. This home burned in 1909.
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