A Clarkson Mosaic - page 93

Term I
Sept. 6 Wednesday - Instruction began
Nov. 30 Thursday- Founder's Day; term ended
Term II
Dec. 4 Monday - Instruction began
Dec. 22 Friday - Christmas recess began
Jan. 2 Monday (1:15 p.m.) - Instruction resumed
Mar. 9 Friday - Term ended
Term III
Mar. 12 Monday - Instruction began
June 7 Thursday - Commencement
All students in all courses were required to participate in a one-hour seminar
conducted by President Brooks. Each student had to prepare and read papers on assigned
subjects, and participate in the discussion of the papers of others. Each was criticized on its
subject matter, language, and style by the instructor and the members of the class. The manner
of oral presentation was to be the type suited to scientific societies and before small audiences
rather than the flowery, ornate declamatory style found on the Chatauqua Circuit.
Fraternity Dissolved
. After an auspicious start two years before, forming the third fraternity on
the Clarkson campus, Kappa Epsilon Phi, dissolved.
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