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A New User Interface has been developed. 

Digital Measures has recently released a new user interface for Activity Insight. While the current user interface has served us well, the new one offers not only a more modern look but also a more intuitive approach from a user's perspective.

The Digital Measures team completely rethought how people use Activity Insight. Working along with software usability experts, they studied faculty members and administrators using the software in a usability lab. Examining how people perform even the most basic tasks, such as running a report, highlighted the need to re-architect core aspects of Activity Insight.

A few key enhancements you’ll notice:

  • A clean, elegant look and feel, customized with our University’s colors
  • Updated navigation and in-line user help for a more user-friendly experience
  • A brand new Run Reports utility, streamlining what were formerly the Run Custom Reports and Run Ad Hoc Reports utilities

An easy way to familiarize yourself with these new features is to watch Digital Measures recorded webinar.

We will switch over to the new user interface for all users on Monday, October 5th. It will not interrupt usage. If you are logged in when the switch is made, the new user interface will simply display when you next refresh the page.

We hope you enjoy the new look and functionality as you enter your activities and generate reports.