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About Digital Arts & Sciences

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DA&S students benefit from an education in both the artistic and scientific aspects of digital graphic arts. The program prepares students for career opportunities in a wide range of fields — from working in movies and computer/video games, education (Web-based delivery of exciting educational materials) to computational science (scientific visualization) and graphics for virtual reality applications.

The DA&S major spans the boundaries between the sciences and the arts. Students take advantage of programs in math, computer science, digital arts, and communication and media. The program’s objective is to combine artistic and scientific skills and interests and develop creative talent, with a strong technical foundation.

Project-based Learning

Clarkson takes a project-based approach to learning. Because you focus on the creative application of knowledge and skills to solve practical, real-world problems, you gain a strong hands-on foundation in the basics, teamwork and leadership skills, practice in creative problem solving, techniques in research and analysis and skills in applying what you know. All of this is part of Clarkson’s emphasis on rigorous professional preparation, real-world learning and teamwork.

Real-world Experience

Clarkson's award-winning Career Center gives DA&S students the opportunity to utilize the University’s co-op program. By spending a semester and a summer working for a salary in a professional setting, our co-op students gain valuable workplace experience. All our majors are required to complete a three-credit internship or research project.

DA&S students have opportunities to work with faculty in affiliated departments on research and grant projects. On some occasions, students accompany faculty members to professional conferences and participate in presenting the research.