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Research Centers

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The Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) is dedicated to developing Clarkson's research and educational programs in high-technology materials processing and meets industrial needs for product development and job growth in New York State and beyond.

The Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science (CARES) applies world-class expertise to research and education programs on air sampling and analysis, receptor modeling, atmospheric deposition, and the application of computational fluid dynamics to air pollution problems.

The Clarkson Institute for a Sustainable Environment (ISE) facilitates the interdisciplinary, multi-institutional research and education on the environment.

The Center for Innovative Device Technologies (CIDT) explores coherent quantum mechanical processes in novel solid-state semi-conductor devices with components of atomic dimensions.

The International Center for Gravity Materials Science and Applications (IGSMA) conducts research on the influences of gravity on materials processing.

The Center for Sustainable Energy Solutions (CSES) - Clarkson University has been engaged in energy research and education for over 30 years and our faculty's wide range of interests and activities span disciplines from Engineering to Business.  This Center provides a vehicle to bring these efforts together, exchange ideas with each other and generate new concepts for innovative, sustainable, collaborative projects at local, national and international levels.