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Meet Clarkson

Costel Darie

Fast-rising Researcher

Costel Darie began as a nurse in his native Romania. Today he is a Ph.D. in biochemistry and a fast-rising researcher in the molecular interactions of proteins—which play a powerful role in cancer and other diseases. Bayard Clarkson, M.D., of the legendary Sloan-Kettering Institute, is one of the world’s leading cancer experts. He’s also a descendent of Thomas S. Clarkson and a longtime University trustee. So when Dr. Darie began work on a novel approach to biomarkers that can target cancer cells, he linked to Dr. Clarkson, who immediately recognized the strength of Clarkson University's research, engineering, and business expertise. Today the two are collaborating on research with enormous potential. Big-and-famous, meet up-and-coming.