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William D. Jemison, Ph.D.

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William JemisonWilliam D. Jemison, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering
P.O. Box 5720
Potsdam, New York 13699-5720
Fax 315-268-7600

Educational Background
Ph.D., Drexel University
M.ESc., Penn State University
BSEE, Lafayette College

Teaching Interests
electrical circuits and electronics, electromagnetics and optoelectronics, microwave and RF systems, wireless communications,
antenna and radar systems, engineering design

Research Interests

Microwave photonic systems and subsystems; microwave/mm-wave antennadesign and measurement; radar systems; wireless and opticalcommunications systems; lidar systems; biological applications ofmicrowaves and photonics.

Recent Publications
T. A. Wey, W. D. Jemison, “Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA) Circuits using a TiO2memristors as the feedback Element,” accepted for publication, IET Circuits, Devices, and Systems.

T. A. Wey, W. D. Jemison, “An Automatic Gain Control Circuit with TiO2 Memristor Variable Gain Amplifier”, 8th IEEE International NEWCAS Conference.

 W. D. Jemison, T. A. Wey, A. Paolella, “A New Optoelectronic Oscillator Topology Based on a Class E Analog Fiber Optic Link,” 2010 IEEE International Microwave Symposium, June 2010. 

W. D. Jemison, C. Nadovich, “LEPRDS - A Requirements-Driven Team-Based Design of a 2 kW Photovoltaic System,”  Spring 2010 Middle Atlantic Section Conference of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), April 2010.

Y. Li, S. Goldwasser, R. Fischl, W. D. Jemison, and D. K. Yoo, “Photonic phase locked loop detector/discriminator  Patent # 7,653,318 B2, January 26th, 2010.

W. D. Jemison, A. C. Paolella, Analog Fiber Optic Links. in M. Golio (Ed.), RF & Microwave Handbook.  CRC Press, pp. 9-1 to 9-31, 2008.

Y. Li, P. Herczfeld, M. Bystrom, A. Rosen, W. D. Jemison, “Optical Down-conversion and Digital Processing of Microwave Signals,” Proceedings of the European Microwave Association, vol. 4, issue 3, pp. 226-234, Sept. 2008.

D. K. Yoo, Y. Li, S. M. Goldwasser, W. D. Jemison, and P R. Herczfeld,   "Coupled Optoelectronic Oscillation via Fundamental Mode-Locking in a Composite-Cavity Electro-Optic Microchip Laser," IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 26, No 7., pp. 824-831,  April 2008.

R. Guo, H. Liu, W. Jemison, A. S. Bhalla, “Piezoelectric Resonance Enhanced Optical Transmission at Microwave Frequencies  17th International Symposium on the Applications of Ferroelectrics, Santa Fe, NM, Feb. 2008 (poster).

M. Bystrom, Y. Li, N. Vacirca, P. Herczfeld and W. Jemison,   “A Coherent Fiber-optic link with Optical-domain Down-conversion and Digital Demodulation”  Proceedings of the 2007 International Topical Meeting on Microwave Photonics , pp. 164-167, Oct. 2007. 

Y. Li, W. D. Jemison, P. R. Herczfeld, M. Bystrom, “Coherent Fiber Optic Links for Microwave Receivers” (invited)- 12th Micrcoll, Budapest, Hungary, pp. 79-84, May 2007.

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