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Communications and Signal Processing

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Communication and Signal Processing Course Offerings: 

Communications deals with problems in signal transmission, propagation and processing. In the area of Signal Processing, algorithms and systems are designed to analyze, manipulate, and transform signals such as sound signals, images, EKG signals, and videos. Communications and signal processing are an indispensable part of everyday life and are used in everyday application such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and the Internet.

Clarkson currently has 13 graduate level communication and signal processing courses that are offered regularly and are offered on-campus and through the distance learning program.  These courses are:

Core Courses

These courses should be taken the first semester of the program as they are prerequisites to other courses.

  • EE 501 Digital Signal Processing (every fall)
  • EE 529 Stochastic Processes (every fall)

Elective Courses 

It is suggested to choose at least 3 courses.

Fall Courses

  • EE 522 Advanced Signal Processing (odd falls)
  • ES 522 Signal Processing and Applications (even falls)
  • EE 570 Coding and Information Theory (every fall)
  • EE572 Digital Communications (odd falls) – to be approved as a new course
  • EE574 Pattern Recognition (even falls)

Spring Courses

  • EE 523 Introduction to Biometrics (even springs)
  • EE526 Detection and Estimation Theory (even springs)
  • EE 550 Control Systems (every spring)
  • EE 552 Optimization Techniques in Engineering (even spring)
  • EE 622 Advanced Biometrics (odd springs)
  • EE 628 Adaptive Signal Processing (odd springs) – to be approved as a new course

The tentative semester of offerings is also included in this list.  The graduate course offerings will be updated from time to time.  However, the number of graduate courses and frequency of their offerings will be maintained.

Clarkson offers a number of courses outside of the department of interest for this program.  Courses of interest include:

Courses Outside of the Department

  • CS 556 Cryptography (every spring)
  • MA 584 Advanced Applied Statistics (even spring)
  • MA 579 Introduction to Applied Optimization (given when needed)
  • CS 652 Computer Vision (given when needed)
  • BR 500 Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals (every spring)

Research Opportunities

At the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clarkson University, research in communications and signal processing is being carried out in areas such as biometrics, wireless sensor networks and distributed inference, localization, and cloud systems and cybersecurity.  Related research centers and laboratories include:

Professional students will benefit from exposure to the latest state-of-the-art research results that will be part of the advanced graduate-level courses. Graduate students will have the opportunity to work with faculty on projects, theses, and dissertations.