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Power Area Course Offerings:  Clarkson currently has 7 graduate level electric power engineering courses that are offered regularly in the distance format.  These courses are:

                EE 534 Market Operation of Power Systems (even springs)

                EE 430/530 High-Voltage Techniques and Measurements (even falls)

                EE 537 Power System Protection (even falls)

                EE 531 Power System Planning (odd springs)

                EE 532 Advanced Electric Machines (odd falls)

                EE 533 Operation and Control of Electric Power Systems (odd springs)

                EE 439/539 Dielectrics (odd falls)
The tentative semester of offerings is also included in this list.  The graduate power course offerings will be updated from time to time.  However, the number of graduate power courses and frequency of their offerings will be maintained.

Clarkson University distance course offerings are posted at  These courses can be selected to meet ME degree requirements, with approval of the student’s academic advisor.  Examples of distance ECE courses that may be of interest to distance power students includes EE 552 Optimization Techniques in Engineering, EE 553 Linear Systems, and EE 555 Nonlinear Systems.

The Clarkson School of Business offers a number of courses of potential interest to students in the Distance Power Engineering ME program.  These courses may be offered on a different schedule and in a different format than the engineering courses.  Some will be offered during the summer.  Courses of interest include:

  1. OS 666  Negotiations  Prerequisites OS 608 or OS 602 waived for Professional Power Engineering ME degree candidates.
  2. OS609  Organizational Behavior and Performance Management (requires on-campus weekend)
  3. ES510/OM680  Project Management
  4. EC605  Managerial Economics (Permission of instructor granted for Distance Power Engineering ME degree candidates)
  5. FN608  Financial Management (Permission of instructor granted for Distance Power Engineering ME degree candidates)

With approval from their advisor, students can transfer up to 10 credits from other institutions.

Double Numbered Courses:  The distance offerings include certain courses appropriate for both advanced undergraduate students and graduate students.  These courses carry a senior level course number as well as a graduate level course number (i.e., EE 439/539 Dielectrics).  Students with credit for this course material in their undergraduate programs cannot also get graduate credit for the same topical material.  However, it is important to be able to offer these courses to ME students who do not have this background. 

Students can apply to switch to the thesis based Masters of Science program if they have identified a power engineering faculty member who has agreed to advise their thesis research.

Schedule of studies.  Distance course offerings will be scheduled so that students who wish to do so are able to complete the distance ME degree in power engineering in 2 years.  A typical program of study could involve students taking 2 courses per semester in both fall and spring semesters of each year, a summer business course, and completing a 1 credit hour project in the summer.   Students planning to complete their studies in 3 years could, for example, take 1 engineering course each fall and spring semester, a business course in each of two summers, and complete a 4 credit hour project during their final year of study.