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Industry Outlook & Careers

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Electrical engineers find exciting and challenging careers in a wide range of technologies:

  • From designing nanometerscale computer circuits up through megawatt-scale wind turbines.
  • From monitoring low-frequency sound and seismic waves up to microwave and optical communications signals.
  • From the ocean depths, with remotely controlled undersea vehicles, to mountaintop weather monitoring systems, to communications and control systems operating in the upper atmosphere and outer space.

As an electrical-engineering graduate, you can become a:

  • Designer of electric vehicles. Create the newest and most efficient smart car or hybrid.
  • Circuit designer. Play a key role in creating all kinds of circuit-dependent products, such as cars, audio systems, computers, TVs, the space station, and controls for an artificial heart.
  • Communications engineer. Develop a next-generation cellphone or design a radar-based ship tracking system.
  • Power engineer. Design modern, high-efficiency power plants; control and operate the Smart Grid; develop alternative energy sources; or design specialized motor drives for applications such as transportation, computer hard drives, or medical systems.
  • Systems engineer. Use a diverse set of components in a complex system. Use a battery, a couple of motors, several computers and some infrared or ultrasound sensors to build a mobile robot that works in a hazardous environment or performs surgery.
  • Signal-processing engineer. Design products for consumers or applications such as space communication or medical imaging by using adaptive signal processing, speech processing, video encoding, DVD and computer vision technology.
  • Computer-design engineer. Design microelectronic chip circuits that are at the heart of the modern systems of your personal computers, as well as the specialized computers that control automobiles, refrigerators, etc.

Salary prospects are impressive. According to, the starting salary for electrical engineers in 2009 was $60,125. Learn about Clarkson alumni in the field of electrical engineering.