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Course Requirements

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The courses you take as a software-engineering major at Clarkson include basic math, science and engineering, as well as many in computer engineering, computer science and software engineering. There's also a component of liberal arts and management.

Typical course requirements are shown below. Students work closely with an academic adviser to select courses that are most appropriate for their specific academic background and preparation.

Fall Freshman Year
CM131 Chemistry I
PH131 Physics I
MA131 Calculus I
UNIV190 Clarkson Seminar
FY100 Transitions

Spring Freshman Year
CM132 Chemistry II or BY 160 Biology II
PH132 Physics II
MA132 Calculus II
ES110  Engineering and Society
ES100 Intro to Engineering Use of the Computer

Fall Sophomore Year
MA211 (MA346) Foundations
ES250 Electrical Science
MA232 Differential Equations
CS141 Intro to Computer Science I or EE261 Intro to Programming
KA/UC Elective

Spring Sophomore Year
MA231 Calculus III
EE361 Fundamentals of Software Engineering
EE221 Linear Circuits or ES Elective
EE264 Intro to Digital Design
KA/UC Elective

Fall Junior Year
STAT383 Probability and Statistics or MA381 Probability
EE363 Software Components and Generic Programming
EE407 Computer Networks
EE408 Software Design for Visual Environments
KA/UC Elective
ES499 Sec04 Professional Experience

Spring Junior Year
EE360 Microprocessors
EE368 Software Engineering
EE462 Software Systems Architecture
EE468 Database Systems
CS344 Algorithms

Fall Senior Year
EE418 Senior Design
EE466 Computer Architecture
CS341 Programming Languages
Professional Elective
KA/UC Elective

Spring Senior Year
CS444 Operating Systems
CS458 Formal Methods & Program Verification
Professional Elective
Undesignated Elective
Undesignated Elective

Download a copy of the SoftE curriculum check list.