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Why Clarkson for EHS?

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Clarkson University has one of the few undergraduate Environmental Health Science (EHS) programs in the country. The program is interdepartmental with course work in Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, Business, and Health Sciences with the option the tailor their studies in any of these areas.

EHS at Clarkson also offers:

  • Learning about the environment in the environment (6-million acre Adirondack Park)
  • Close mentoring relationships with instructors
  • Small class sizes
  • Work and conduct research with professors recognized as leaders in their fields
  • Hands-on experience through course projects
  • Internships
  • Co-ops
  • Capstone projects

EHS is administered through Clarkson University's Institute for a Sustainable Environment (ISE) which allows access to state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories as well as three centers for student and faculty collaborative research: the Center for Air Resources Engineering and Sciences (CARES), the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSES), and The Great Rivers Center (GRC).


"EHS allowed me to take the basics of chemistry and biology courses and find concrete ways to apply the skills I learned. The professors are really dedicated to their students and the classes are dynamic. At Clarkson, undergraduates create their own research projects and conduct studies in major industrial plants. Where else can you find these kinds of opportunities?"

-Eleanor Wade '09

EHS Kids Dress like President Tony Collins with a twist

Hazmat suits help EHS students put their own twist on a campus competition where clubs "suit up" like CU President Tony Collins. The group won $250 for their unique picture, which they used to buy shirts for club members.