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Alan Rossner

Alan Rossner received his B.S. in Biology from Clarkson University, M.S. in Environmental Health from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. from McGill University, Montreal Canada. Upon completion of his M.S. he worked for 10 years in the environmental, safety and health field before coming to Clarkson University . His industrial work experience included extensive work in the Aerospace industry an industrial hygienist and manager. He also worked as a environmental, health and safety consult in a wide variety of manufacturing industries.

In 1995 he came to Clarkson University where he is currently Director of the Environmental Health Science (EHS) and Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P) programs. He teaches core courses in the EHS and ES&P curriculums: Environmental Science, Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Hygiene Controls, Occupational Toxicology, Air Monitoring and Analysis, Industrial Hygiene Laboratory and Advanced Topics in Environmental and Occupational Health (a project based course). In addition, he teaches a graduate Risk Assessment course for science and engineering students.

His research interests include: exposure assessment strategies for occupational and environmental air sampling, air sampling methodologies, and risk assessment methodologies.


Quick Facts:

Hilton, New York

B.S. in Biology from Clarkson
M.S. in Environmental Health from University of Washington
Ph.D. from McGill University

Skiing, Kayaking, Hiking