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Track (E&M)

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The Construction Management track provides another way for E&M students to concentrate their upper-level electives around a specific field or career path. For most students, the courses in their E&M track replace the free electives and professional electives in the regular E&M curriculum. Note that you might end up taking more than the required 120 credits for graduation in order to finish the track. When you successfully complete the track, you will receive a special certificate from the E&M Program.

Horizontal and Vertical Construction projects-estimators, assistant project managers, schedulers, expediters, auditors

Required Courses:
EM 380  Project Management
ES 222*  Strength of Materials

One of the following:
EHS 309  Industrial Hygiene
EHS 330  Safety Analysis - Environment, Health, and Safety Assessment (preferred)

Two of the following:
CE 405* Construction Planning and Management
CE 406* Construction Engineering
CE 407* Intro. to Construction Estimating and Scheduling
CE 408* Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
CE 409* Fundamentals of Building Systems
CE 410* Sustainable Infrastructure and Building
CE 411* Construction Materials Engineering

* Fulfills one Professional Elective