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Why Hire an E&M Graduate?

Even as new hires, E&M graduates are high-performing employees. They arrive with competency, not just potential, to make an immediate impact. These unique individuals bring experience and skills in a variety of areas. This is a distinct competitive advantage that graduates of E&M program have completed a competency-based educational process.

How Do I Recruit an E&M Graduate?

Clarkson University has an excellent Career Center that is interested in advertising your job openings to the right students and graduates. Learn more about posting internship, co-op and full time positions at the Career Center's web site.

What Do Clarkson E&M Graduates Offer?

Technical Problem Solving: A foundation of calculus-based mathematics (four courses), laboratory science (physics and chemistry), and a wide range of engineering principles (six courses) prepare graduates to readily adapt to technological shift.

Team building: More than learning how to effectively work on a team, graduates of the E&M degree program gain the knowledge, skills, ability, and behaviors to successfully lead cross-functional groups through the stages of team dynamics.

Communication: A solid foundation of communication skills built from coursework, projects, and extracurricular activities in both written and oral media. Ability to leverage technology to create, disseminate, and decipher information.

Multi-tasking: The continual balancing of the simultaneous demands of studying mathematics, science, engineering, business, and humanities over four years, condition graduates to the demands of today's work environment.

Critical Thinking: The combination of engineering and business core coursework provide graduates with the ability to use quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate a wide range of processes within a business' key systems.

Decision Making: A variety of foundation business courses condition graduates to the ambiguity that is inherent in organizational challenges, coupled with the need for timely and useful decisions.

So what kind of entry-level professional positions can Clarkson E&M Graduates fill?  These are some of the opportunities available:

Project Manager

Production Supervisor

Solution Sales

Customer Relations

Construction Manager

Business Process Analyst

Manufacturing Engineer

Project Estimator

Applications Engineer

Field Service Engineer

Supply Chain Specialist
(warehouse, material handling,
procurement, transportation)

Please visit the Clarkson University Career Center to find out how you can get connected with E&M students for co-ops, internships, and long term positions!