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The purpose of the Engineering & Management Student Handbook is to introduce students to the program, explain graduation requirements, and give information about campus resources.  Topics from the E&M 2017 - 2018 Student Handbook Table of Contents are listed below.  You will find links to older handbooks at the bottom of the page.

Letter from the Director of E&M
Mission and Vision of a Clarkson Education
Program Educational Objectives
Program Outcomes
Faculty and Advisors
Student Administrative Services
Degree Information and the Clarkson Common Experience
Engineering & Management Curriculum
Minors, Concentration and Track
Professional Experience Requirement for E&M Majors
International Experience
Companies That Have Hired E&M Majors
Societies and Activities
Being a Student
Clarkson Services
Forms and Procedures From a Student Perspective
Commonly Asked Questions
How to Get Involved in Clarkson’s Student Life
Where to Get Help With Your Career and Internship/Job Search
Important Dates
Appendix A On-Line Campus Directories
Appendix B General Academic and Degree Information
Appendix C Helpful PeopleSoft Tips
Appendix D Guidelines for Completing Courses at Other Colleges/Universities
Appendix E Semester Exchange with the Career Center
Appendix F Academic Integrity at the Clarkson School of Business

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