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Objectives (E&M)

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Clarkson’s Engineering & Management (E&M) program is ideal for those who desire breadth and flexibility in a career centered on leadership and technology. The major was established in 1954 to meet the growing needs of industry for individuals with strong skill sets in both engineering and business. Graduates are prepared to integrate the rapidly changing technical and managerial aspects of an organization.

The E&M program utilizes Clarkson’s traditional strengths, stressing engineering principles and technical problem-solving in conjunction with quantitative and qualitative managerial decision-making. Students receive a balanced education involving course requirements from each of the major disciplines of engineering, business, science, and liberal arts.

E&M Objectives

E&M graduates are educated and prepared to:
  1. apply technical problem solving skills to develop innovative, effective and sustainable solutions to complex problems;
  2. lead multi-disciplinary teams to success by managing team dynamics;
  3. effectively communicate information for decision-making both orally and in writing to both technical and non-technical audiences;
  4. continuously balance simultaneous demands of today’s global environment through multi-tasking capabilities of planning, organizing, managing and controlling resources;
  5. combine engineering and business core knowledge to apply quantitative and qualitative methods to process analysis in business systems;
  6. make timely, ethical and useful decisions in response to organizational challenges.

Typically, E&M students are people-oriented, at ease with science and mathematics, and anticipate increasing managerial responsibilities over the course of their careers. Problem solv­ing, communication, and teamwork permeate the E&M curriculum. By design, the environment is one of collaborative teamwork and is known for strong mutual support among students. E&M graduates are recognized as leaders and facilitators who possess the ability to initiate new ideas and change. Where do you want your education to take you?