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Crisis/Issues Management Guidelines

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These guidelines pertain to any event or issue where there is a need to disseminate information to the campus, the media and our other publics, but where there is no immediate danger to the safety and security of people, property or buildings. Such issues can involve an arrest of someone associated with the University, any legal action against the University, the sudden death of someone associated with the University, the termination of an employee for cause, and other sensitive matters.

These matters require the same urgency and coordination of action as physical emergencies to insure that the campus and our other publics receive timely, accurate organized information and that our reputation is preserved.
  1. In the event of any event that calls for a crisis/issues management, the President and Media Relations Director should be informed immediately and provided with any and all information relevant to the crisis or issue. It is key that anyone who is aware of a crisis or issue informs the President and Media Relations Director immediately, as time and planning are critical in managing an information crisis.
  2. The President and Media Relations Director will then assemble a team to plan which publics need to be informed, by whom, and what information can and needs to be shared with our publics and the media.
  3. The team will continue to meet to update information and messages and to continue to advise and coordinate communication with our publics.
  4. The Media Relations Director will manage all internal and external communications, with the counsel of the Crisis/Issues Management team, and assistance from the spokespeople who are specifically assigned and authorized to speak for the University.