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Directions & Coordination

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Campus Emergency Response Team
In the event of any emergency, the Emergency Coordinator and the Emergency Response Team will be notified immediately. In all emergencies this team must meet or arrange a conference phone call to review the emergency issues. Appropriate cause and action will be reported to the Emergency Response Team.

Team members will coordinate with the Emergency Coordinator for implementation and coordination of the campus operation plan and support as it pertains to their areas.

Team members should keep in constant communication with the Emergency Coordinator.

Emergency Coordinator
The President selects an Emergency Coordinator for the University. The Emergency Coordinator will be the point person responsible for coordinating the University response in an emergency situation. The Emergency Coordinator will work closely with the Emergency Response Team and report directly to the President when an emergency is declared. The responsibilities of the Emergency Coordinator are the following:

  1. Overall coordination of the University emergency response;
  2. Determine the type and magnitude of the emergency and establishes the appropriate emergency command post;
  3. Initiate immediate contact with the President and Emergency Response Team describing the situation and any action already taken;
  4. Begin assessment of the University's condition;
  5. Notify and utilize police, Campus Safety in order to maintain safety and order;
  6. Notify and conduct liaison activities with an appropriate outside organization such as fire, police, office of Emergency Services, etc;
  7. Perform other related duties as may be required by virtue of the campus emergency;
  8. Insure that information on the emergency is communicated to all students, faculty and staff as well as the outside community;
  9. Provide to the President information about the final outcome of the emergency.