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Emergency Procedures Guide

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How to report an emergency

  1. Immediately call 268-6666 to report an emergency (x6666 from an on-campus phone).
  2. Be prepared to provide Campus Safety with the following information:
    • Nature of emergency;
    • Exact location of incident (look for landmarks or room numbers);
    • Number of people involved or an estimate;
    • Type of assistance needed, as best you can tell (medical, fire, police);
    • Your name.

In an emergency in which Campus Safety cannot be reached, dial 911 for off-campus police (from an on-campus phone dial 9-911).

Building Evacuation
If a partial or full evacuation is required, faculty and staff will be sent home and students will be directed to a place of safety. Essential personnel will stay on campus to assist with the emergency. If you have to evacuate the building you are in, please take the following actions:

  1. Walk calmly but quickly to the nearest marked exit and ask/assist others in doing the same;
  2. Do not use elevators;
  3. Once outside move clear of the building. Keep streets and sidewalks clear for emergency vehicles. Stay as a group so that staff and students can be accounted for;
  4. Do not return to evacuated building unless told to so by University officials;
  5. If you have a disability, proceed to designated rescue area.

Full Evacuation Procedure (PDF)