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Medical Emergencies

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  • Call 911. Tell them exactly where you are on campus and the nature of the emergency. You may also contact Campus Safety to notify them of the situation.
  • Automatic defibrillatorsare located at the Cheel Info Desk, FitnessCenterDesk, and Campus Safety & Security vehicle.

  • Obtain medical attention
    • Students report to the Student Health Center in Hamlin-Powers Center, Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (x6633)
    • Faculty and staff should seek medical attention at the Canton-Potsdam Hospital.
  • Report incident to supervisor. Submit an incident report to Campus Safety & Security.
  • Notify Campus Safety & Security immediately for a chemical, biological or radioactive exposure.


Minor cuts and punctures Vigorously wash injury with soap and water for several minutes.
Major cuts and abrasions If the person is bleeding profusely, Call 911. Keep victim lying down and raise the bleeding part higher than the rest of the body if the cut is severe.
Impalement by foreign object DO NOT REMOVE THE OBJECT. Seek medical attention immediately.
Splash in eye Using an emergency eye wash, immediately flush eye with water continuously for 15 minutes. Hold the eyelid open.
Contamination to the body Using an emergency shower, immediately remove contaminated clothing and drench skin with water. Flush area for 15 minutes. Conventional showers may be used in available areas.
Thermal burns If skin is unbroken, submerge the burned area in clean water. Do not break any blisters, or use any medication.
Poisoning by ingestion Do not induce vomiting. Supply the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for emergency personnel. IF THE VICTIM IS UNCONSCIOUS, Call 911.
Poisoning by inhalation Do not become a victim yourself by exposure to the same poison while rescuing the victim. Call 911. Where possible, transport victim to uncontaminated air immediately. IF THE VICTIM IS UNCONSCIOUS, Call 911.
Clothing fire Immediately DROP TO THE FLOOR AND ROLL. If someone else’s clothing catches fire, knock that person to the floor and roll them around to smother the flames. A person may panic if his/her clothing catches fire and may run. This can result in more severe burn injuries.