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Major Emergency Guidelines

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The basic emergency procedures outlined in this guide are for the safety of lives and property through effective use of University resources. Whenever an emergency affecting the campus reaches proportions THAT CANNOT BE HANDLED BY ROUTINE MEASURES, the President or designee, working closely with the Emergency Coordinator and the Emergency Response Team, can declare a state of emergency.

This Emergency Response Guidelines (ERG) has been designed to provide a contingency plan for Clarkson University during campus emergencies.

The University policies and procedures herein are expected to be followed by all faculty and administrators whose responsibilities and authority cover the operational procedures found in the ERG. Campus emergency operations will be conducted within the framework of the University guidelines. Any exception to these University guidelines during an emergency will be conducted by, or with the approval of, those University administrators directing and/or coordinating the emergency operations.

These procedures apply to all personnel, as well as the policy for the buildings and property owned and operated by Clarkson University. This guide also includes an outline for managing crises and issues where there is no immediate danger to people, buildings, or property, but there is a need to communicate to the campus, media and our other publics. Also important is the management of the University's reputation through the flow of accurate and timely information.