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Declaration of Campus State of Emergency

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In the case of an emergency, the Emergency Coordinator will immediately call the President and the Emergency Response Team together.

After consultation with the Emergency Response Team, the President or designee will declare a state of emergency. The Emergency Coordinator and the Emergency Response Team will recommend to the President what actions to take. The President or designee will be advised of action already taken and will approve further plans and recommendations.

During the period of any campus major emergency the Emergency Coordinator, in consultation with the Emergency Response Team, will place into immediate action the appropriate procedures necessary in order to meet the emergency, to safeguard persons and property. The Emergency Coordinator shall immediately consult with the President regarding the recommended emergency action.

When this declaration is made, only registered students, faculty, staff, and external emergency providers are authorized to be present on campus. Those who cannot present proper identification (registration or employee identification card, or other I. D.) showing their legitimate business on campus will be asked to leave the campus. Unauthorized persons remaining on campus may be subject to arrest in accordance with the Penal Code.

In addition, only those faculty and staff members who have been assigned emergency resource team duties or issued an emergency pass by the Emergency Coordinator's Office will be allowed to enter the immediate disaster site.

In the event of an emergency situation, information on emergency conditions can be obtained via e-mail, telephone and Web (, as well as through local television, radio and newspapers. The Cheel Campus Center is designated as the information point where in an emergency updated information will be available. The phone number for the Cheel Center is 315-268-6400.

In the event that the electrical and/or communications services are interrupted, information will be hand delivered to campus buildings and residence halls. Information to students on campus will be distributed through the staff of residence life including residential advisors. Where necessary Facility Service's radios will be distributed around the campus for continuous communications. WSLU radio (89.5 FM) is the designated countywide emergency radio station.

Emergency Command Post
The Emergency Coordinator will determine the equipment, vehicles and staff to be assigned to the command post as well as the location of the post.